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A Painful Lesson

BEING back in the pool has been great ! Found my rhythm again and I'm swimming like a dolphin although my friend Aida says I swim like a shark. I told her I won't bite as long as she doesn't throw herself like a whale onto my swimming lane. You know how annoying it is when inconsiderate, non-swimming creatures suddenly decide to 'float' in your swimming way knowing that you've been doing laps for the last 30 minutes ? If they are not blind, then they have to be socially spastic. Socially spastic like the man who doesn't swim at the Kelana Jaya pool. This man, with belly like a pot, wonders in the middle section of the 50m pool, and does nothing but floats or water-threads just when a swimmer is reaching that section of the pool. Two weeks ago, I was a victim of this water-buffalo. When I was just a meter away from him, he appeared on my lane, looking at me with that too-bad-its-my-pool-too look that I had to stop and swim around him. No apologies at all. How disgusting. He did that several times that day even when I had changed lanes. And no, I didn't bite him for that. 

I do like the Kelana Jaya pools but it can get a bit too crowded on weekends, and sometimes there are way too many water buffalos for me to handle. The club @ Bukit Utama, well, I have issues with it too as there's some renovation works going on at the gym, and all that saw dust in the air, which I alone can smell, isn't doing my sinuses any good (I'm probably the only one who complains about it). So I've shifted to the PJ Palm Sports Centre (former Syabas Club) this week, and I'm loving it there. Love it because there aren't many water buffalos for one, and secondly most swimmers are serious swimmers. Maybe because the deep-end is really deep at 3.7m. The shallow end is 1.2m, and I'm 1.5m. Sometimes, there are swimming lessons conducted at one corner but that doesn't really interrupt me (It's better that they learn and swim properly than do the hippo). 

PJ Palm Sports Club

I like the deep end of the pool because there are lesser people over there, which means lesser waves and splashes, and it's a good end to relax and watch the sky. When Aida first brought me here, I was like shite-this-is-deep-woman, but after a few laps, it got familiar that I ended up doing 30 laps (really is just 15 or 1.5km), which was really refreshing and I needed that. So yes, the dolphin has some water confidence issues after leaving the pool for 7 years for more on-land activities. Twelve years ago, when I was in life-guard training, I was so bloody water confident I was cocky till one platform-diving incident that literally shattered me. Did a few dives, got excited and went on the highest platform, and during a legs-first, careless jump, I had forgotten to cross the legs in the heat of excitement. The pain in between the legs was unimaginable. Like tissue-tearing pain. 
Yikes :p

A painful lesson indeed. 


  1. Excellent post as always. I'm really sorry to hear about it hurting so badly though, that sounds like it sucks a lot! Anyway it's good to hear you're back doing what you like, that's the way to do it! I was considering taking up swimming some day but haven't got around to it yet.

  2. Ah, you're petite! I'm in two minds as to whether swimming or cycling is better for toning up the butt. Have you tried both?

  3. I’ve encountered a few whales and hippos in my time – don’t these creatures know what a marked lane means??!!
    Glad you're enjoying the swimming.

  4. Oh my. You hurt your whoohoo. I'm so sorry. But I wish you had bitten that guy.


  5. Matthew - thanks, and you should consider swimming its a whole body workout :p

    GB - cycling is better for butt- toning. i've tried cycling but i'm not crazy about it. i do it occasionally though.
    anyways, for your butt try some of these - my favorite is the hip extension

    Beth - exactly ! thanks, the weather has been great last week too :p

    2 Peso - it was a long time ago. just remembered it when writing this post :p

    Lola - i did, and ouchhhh! lol. i wouldn't bite him although i wish i had kicked him...hmm, accidentally cuz he got in my way :p

  6. It's great that you have a choice of pools near you. Aren't some of the lanes roped off just for people doing laps?

  7. Training to be a life guard? Oh Wow!

    Somehow when you mention water buffaloes, I started imagining really clean water buffaloes having fun in a pool.

  8. I spent every summer of my youth practically in the pool, now it's mostly at the lake.

  9. Im a runner, but tried swimming a while back. Thought I was in pretty good shape. After about 3 laps in the olympic size pool, I realized I wasn't, lol. I could barly move my arms after that workout and hurt for a week.

  10. LOL Greta post!! Ahaha I'm so gla dthat you're taking up swimming! It's really good for you and you definitely won't regret it!

    Pftttt....I think every pool has a guy like that. Unfortunately (at least in my case) he's also a swimming instructor who had the brilliant idea of, I don't know, MAKING HIS KIDS SWIM HORIZONTALLY. Gah. Oh and he has a pot belly too. I think they all do.

  11. Nursie : some pools are roped off but not all. Not the ones I go to.

    Interweb : yeah. owch. :p

    Terra : i had the license twelve years ago for a couple of years, but didnt renew it. it was an interest. yeah, i tend to imagine them as that too :p

    Natural : that's nice. i dont do lakes...a bit terrified of what may be beneath :p

    Otter : haha. it's just a matter of training, and getting used to swimming. i used to be a runner too, until last month when i was diagnosed with the chronic extertional compartment syndrome. that's why i had to get back to swimming :p

    Punk : yea, swimming is great. used to be a swimmer at one time, and now getting back at it :p
    i know, every pool, there are a few. lol.

  12. If you wanted to give him a kick, it should have been in the balls.


  13. OUCH! I just cringed when I read that. Happy swimming!

  14. Hi,thanks for the visit.

    I haven't gone swimming in quite a while, but plan to start up again when it gets colder (at an indoor pool). The last sentence hurt just to read.

  15. I really miss going to the pool. There's a public indoor pool near my house. I wonder if it's open during winter?

  16. Lola : exactly :p

    MP : thank you :p

    secret agent : sounds good. indoor pool with water heating system and all. i think i wouldnt leave a pool like that :p

    Adam : you should try asking :p

  17. I hate it when people 'float' into your lane. Especially like you say, it's clear that you're sticking to regular laps,on a role,taking it seriously and they drift into it like blancmanges. Annoying!

  18. Pool politics, shoulda swam right into him.


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