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Blueberry Frozen Yoghurt

I love a good frozen yoghurt especially one that's blended with fresh fruits like those served at Yogen Fruz. A scoop of your favourite fruit is crushed and blended with plain yoghurt. For me, it has to be the blueberry or cherry mix. Topped with just a bit of runny chocolate sauce, a small tub of the FroYo is bliss. Fruity, tangy and sweet all at the same time!

Well, I can't be running to the store every time I crave for one of those. So I compared a few recipes, tweaked and made something I like even better using blueberries. Love this recipe for its creamy fruitiness. The lemon just adds more zing to it and the colour of the final product is simply gorgeous. 

Blueberry Frozen Yoghurt 

You will need ...

450g low fat vanilla yoghurt ( or you can use plain yoghurt with a teaspoon of vanilla extract)
170g fresh or frozen (thawed) blueberries 
2 -3 tbsp honey or maple syrup ( I prefer honey)
Zest of a lemon and juice of half (or more if you like)
Pinch of salt 

Mix blueberries, lemon juice and zest along with honey into a small sauce pan. Cook on medium heat while stirring for five to 10 mins as it comes to boil. 

Transfer the mixture into a wire mesh strainer and puree into a stainless steel bowl. *Put aside the pulp. 

Chill the puree by sticking it into the freezer. Give it a stir every five minutes. 

Once chilled, bring out the bowl and stir in the yoghurt and salt. Mix well, cover it with a foil and stick back into the freezer. Give it a stir after an hour and another stir an hour later. Continue to freeze for a few more hours till it is able to hold shape when you scoop. Alternately, you can use an ice-cream maker. 

*You can sprinkle some of the pulp on the frozen yoghurt when serving. I like a bit of this lemon-infused fibre as topping. Just make sure to keep it moist.  



  1. That looks so good!


  2. Not my cup of tea, but that means more for thee

  3. Looks like this would make for a good breakfast.

  4. Now this is a heart-friendly dessert! Looks scrumptious too!

  5. I used to love buying these with my mum at this old shopping mall so this has brought back some pleasant memories, I really want to try this, I'm tempted to make it!

  6. Jaya... you need to open a restaurant or become a chef or something... preferably at my house! You are SO good at making scrummy things!

  7. I agree with Juliette. Let's open a restaurant (in London) and then you can be the chef and Jules and I will take care of the patrons (or maybe we'll just eat everything you make lol).

  8. That looks delicious AND healthy. I'm going ot try that next time I get to a grocery store.


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